Avoid Injuring Your Knees

6 Ways to Avoid Injuring Your Knees

Avoid Ruining Your Knees

As we get older the joints and bones in our bodies suffer through a fair bit of wear and tear.  Your body is meant to move, to run and to jump among other things but you can reduce your susceptibility to injures with a little care.  Seeing your chiropractor regularly will help take care of bones and joints but it is not the only thing you need to do to stay pain and injury free.  Knees are some of the most common joint injuries, so how can you take care of them and keep them healthy?

Stop Ignoring Knee Pain

We all feel twinges from time to time and that is perfectly normal, but if you can’t climb a flight of stairs for dreading the pain, then there is a problem.  If knee pain keeps you from doing any activity regularly you need to seek medical attention right away.

Weight Gain

Being overweight comes with its own set of problems but one part of your body most affected by weight gain and weight loss are your knees.  Every pound that you lose will take five pounds of pressure off your knees.  Even carrying around an extra ten pounds can cause strain and ultimately lead to arthritis.  Talk with your chiropractor if you have been experiencing knee pain and would like to lose weight to alleviate it.  They can recommend exercises that can help strengthen the joint and reduce your weight.

Ignoring Doctor’s Orders

Having a knee injury isn’t any fun at all, it can be extremely hard to stay off your knee.  Everyone has things they want to do but it is crucial to give your body the time it needs to repair itself.  Using your knee too strenuously and too soon can risk an even greater injury, then you will be laid up a lot longer than you would like.  Take the time you need to completely heal and strengthen your knee properly.

Damage The ACL

The anterior cruciate ligament, is the cause of more than 150,000 knee injuries every year.  If you are physically active you need to know you to train properly to avoid injury to your ACL.

Don’t Overdo It

Exercise is important, you need to be physically active in order to stay healthy and working hard is good for you.  You need to allow yourself time to recover after a hard workout.  Running marathons everyday is not how you to stay injury free.  Even elite athletes take the time to rest, over training leads to injury and ruins your performance.  Work with your trainers and chiropractor to get the most out of your training and workouts.

Strengthen the Muscles Around The Knee

Flexibility and strength go hand in hand, weak muscles and a lack of flexibility are some of the most common reasons people sustain injury.  Workout the right muscle groups to strengthen them and make sure you incorporate stretching to remain flexible.

Treating your knees right can keep you healthy and active!

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Improve Your Posture

5 Reasons to Improve Your Posture

How Proper Posture Can Benefit You

Remember your mother constantly telling you to stand up straight, well it turns out she was right and proper posture is important.  It’s not just about looking good, although that doesn’t hurt either.  There are actual medical reasons why you should pay attention to how you are sitting and standing.

Catch Your Breath

It is much easier to breathe with good posture.  Sitting or standing up straight helps to increase the capacity of your lungs and to feed your body the oxygen it needs.  We go through the day paying very little attention to how we breathe, after all it’s an involuntary response.  When your posture improves you can notice an appreciable difference in your ability to take a long deep breath.


More oxygen to the brain allows it to function better, oxygen is food for your brain.  Focus and concentration require oxygen, so sitting up straight and taking long deep breaths will keep you focused on the tasks at hand.  Who knew good posture could make you more attentive?!

Image Boost

The affects of good posture aren’t always physical, it affects your state of mind as well.  Standing tall with your head held high can affect your attitude and fill you with confidence.  Good posture makes you look better, and looking better always makes you feel better.

Confidence Lift

What is the first thing that someone says to you when you feel down?  Hold your head up high and get on with the task at hand.  There is a reason that expression is a cliché, there’s a lot of truth to it.  When you feel and look good you start to believe in yourself.  You will come across to others as someone who is confident and sure of themselves, and all you have to do is stop slouching.  Most communication between people is nonverbal, body language is everything.  So hold your head up high and be the confident person that you are.

Improved Health

While most people pay very little attention to posture it does impact your overall health.  You regularly visit a chiropractor to have your body aligned, and you do this to improve your overall health.  Proper posture facilitates chiropractic adjustments by keeping your bones aligned, allowing muscles to function properly and keeping your body working the way it is supposed to.  When your body and muscles are working the way they should this reduces wear and tear on joints and prevents muscle fatigue.  Not having muscle fatigue means you have more energy throughout the day.  All of us could use some of that!

At your next chiropractic appoint speak with your doctor about posture and let him show you the proper ways to sit and stand.  It may take some getting used to but your body will thank you for it later.  In the meantime here is a video showing you what proper posture looks like.

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